Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear Amelia

YES I am your dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that! I get to be your best buddy ever! Okay, so Amelia. Do you mind that I am a boy? I am not one of those "redneck dogs" I can be a man and still wear Pink! I know that girls like Pink, so if you like Pink then that is fine with me. If you want tea parties and dress up games well that is okay too! I am a real man, I can do it! We will have all kinds of fun Amelia! I want to sleep in your room is that okay with you? Do you like to play ball? Well, I came to 4 Paws from my friend Lacey's house. She told me all about 4 Paws and I was so excited. you see Lacey is a service dog! Her boy is named Phillip. I watched how she did her job and took notes so I had one up on everyone else. I knew what a service dog does in the real world. She got to go EVERYWHERE Phillip went and I had to stay home. Now I am your buddy Amelia and I get to go with you! I came to 4 Paws because my family knew I was destined to do great things and they already had a service dog. My name is Bobo and I am a Golden Retriever. My birthday is 1-18-2007. xoxoxoxoxoxo Bobo