Monday, December 7, 2009

Training - Days 6 & 7

Owen and Lori are both under the weather. Owen hasn't been sleeping well and definitely isn't himself. And we're all very tired. It's been hard to get a good night's sleep, seemingly for a different reason each night.

Yesterday we did another outdoor tracking exercise, and two department store tracks as well. Indoor tracking is a completely different animal from outside, for both technical and practical reasons. The dogs use "air scenting" only inside, rather than sniffing the ground. And obviously weaving through clothing racks with a dog in a crowded department store in December is not easy. Bobo scared the stuffing out of some poor lady in JC Penney's during one of the tracks.

We also got to try the "gentle leader" on Bobo, which is sort of like a halter on a horse. Bobo hates it, and looks very pathetic while wearing it (not to mention trying to rub and/or scratch it off), but he performed WAY better on heeling in the mall with it on. The difference was amazing. He has a tendency to want to be out in front, and would eventually end up out at the end of the leash if you'd let him. But with the gentle leader, he heels much better.

I took Edson home last night so he could get back to school today.

This morning we did another outdoor track (complete with snow!), though Lori & Owen went to an Urgent Care place while Amelia and I got help with the tracking from another family. (Thanks Tink!) Amelia didn't appreciate walkning off with a stranger to sit behind a tree on a cold snowy morning, but Bobo tracked her down as quick as he could. Bobo got his hot dogs and then Amelia went for some french fries. Owen just has a virus (as does Lori, most likely), with no sign of ear infection or anything. But he's pretty miserable, pathetic, and cranky.

This afternoon we worked on behavior disruption (including "touch," "nuzzle," "lap," "over," and "kiss") and a few tricks ("gimmie five," "high five," and "shake.") with more to come tomorrow.

That's all the typing I've got in me tonight. Lori's already in bed, and as soon as the kids let me, I'll be there too.

Just a couple photos from yesterday...

Amelia, waiting to be found

Bobo, finding his girl